In the winter of 1985 I was driving through the Mojave Desert with a friend, talking about our apparent need for new river gear. As we passed the Twenty Nine Palms Marine Base, a man unexpectedly appeared on the side of the road selling used ammo cans. My friend and I laughed wildly and quickly came to realize that the moment was "All In A Days' Karma". This blog contains the occasional ramblings of a died-in-the-wool westerner who loves seeing, understanding, and being alive upon these landscapes. I cherish the moments of bliss and irony that come to all of us as we explore the planet and its residents (and perhaps visitors) in the short time we are here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flying Through the Little Colorado River Gorge!

My friend PJ works as a production assistant with movies, shows and commercials. He recently worked on an adventure scene in a remote part of the Grand Canyon. Check out the incredible flying feature at this link. WOW!

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